Revolutionary Tap Washers

leaking taps, tap washers

Leaking taps?

Banging water pipes?

Expensive water bills?

Howard Plumbing has located a revolutionary tap washer that will eliminate those dripping taps and they have a 5 year no drip guarantee.

leaking taps, tap washers

Gold medal winner Geneva Invention Awards 1999

Because of its gold medal winning design, the washers will eliminate water hammer and will also make your old stiff taps easier to use.

Also available is a slightly different washer with water saving features. Water savings can be as high as 45% and hot water heating costs reduced by up to 60%. With the correct water saver installed, the cost of fitting these washers will be returned via cheaper water bills in 12 to 14 months.

If you have leaking taps and need these revolutionary tap washers, contact us for further details and ordering information.