Saving Water Tips

In a lot of areas of Sydney and Australia the water supplied to houses and units by local authorities is at a pressure is higher than 500kpa. 500kpa is more than sufficient pressure for use in a domestic situation. When a tap is turned on at pressures higher than this even more water is being wasted than at when the water is at lower pressures. It just runs down the sink, basin or shower.

A simple and economical way to save water and reduce water consumption is to fit a pressure limiting valve to the water supply after the water meter located on the front property boundary to reduce the water pressure.saving water saving aqualoc tap washers

Aqualoc Tap Washers (see ‘Leaking Taps’) also have water saving tap washers available.

There is many other water flow restrictors that are available i.e. tap specific restrictors, shower roses, spout aerators.

Water savings can be as high as 45% and hot water heating costs reduced by up to 60%. With the correct water saver installed, the cost of fitting these washers will be returned via cheaper water & water heating bills in 12 to 14 months.

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